Vigneti Cenci

The Cenci vineyards are located in Cologne, in Franciacorta, and extend till Monte Orfano, a very precious promontory that cradles the vineyards and characterizes the grapes. Monte Orfano, in fact, with its mineral subsoil and southern exposure, guarantees a perfect terroir for the maturation of Pinot Bianco, the winery’s flagship. The use of only endogenous grape sugars in wines, both in the first and second fermentation, allows the grapes to reach perfect phenolic ripeness. So that all the aromas of the vineyard are expressed on the table. It was an idea of ​​Nelson Cenci, doctor, writer and Alpine, to revive the Boscaiola area and its wines, thus enhancing a wine production that has always characterized this small corner of Franciacorta.

Region: Lombardy

Wine area: Franciacorta

Production volume: 50.000 bottles

Type: Sparkling


  • La Capinera Brut (da uve Chardonnay 70% e Pinot Bianco 30%)
  • La Via della Seta Saten (Chardonnay 90% e Pinot Bianco 10%)

  • Zero Pas Dosé (da uve Chardonnay 70% e Pinot Bianco 30%)

  • La Capinera Rosè Brut (Pinot Nero 100%)

  • Nelson Cenci Extra Brut (Chardonnay 80% e Pinot Bianco 20%)

  • Sessanta Millesimato Brut (Chardonnay 90% e Pinot Nero 10%)

  • Nelson Cenci “L’Insolita Annata” Millesimato Brut (Chardonnay 70%, Pinot Bianco 20%,
    Pinot Nero 10%)


Vigneti Cenci

Azienda Agricola La Boscaiola Vigneti Cenci S.S
Via Riccafana, 19 – 25033 – Cologne (BS) – Italy

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